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2016 - myterious, aloof and chilled

- Fully disconnect and don't think about tino & ryan. stop caring. totally self involved as they are.

- mysterious, aloof, chilled.

5:04 p.m. - 2015-12-05


The Truth About Tino (killing the imposter)

At 30 I never expected to find myself in such a limbo situation. Confused over someone's intentions, totally obsessed by their every move. I initially convinced myself this guy liked me. All my friends told me I was wrong. I could feel something strange in the air. Only to realize months later that if they had wanted to spend time with me, they would have by now. They showed no hesitation in making time for others. Copying things I did, excluding me out of things, knowing I had an interest. I lost most out of this, but I can turn it around. I'm going to study him and learn as much as I can of his way of living. But be under no illusion that this person likes or respects you. He has demonstrated he doesn't. He takes an active interest in guys he considers hot who are your friends.

The process is under way to detach from this toxic situation. And completely not allow him to affect you, but take all you can the process. Walk out with your hands full. This is taking up too much energy. Superstar iconic jad has to kill Tino the imposter.

9:30 a.m. - 2015-11-26


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