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Making social faux pas.

It appears there are some people it is impossible to not make social faux pas with. Either because they take everything seriously and appear to get touchy at whim or because you feel constantly self-conscious to the point where you can't seem to get it right or put things in the right terms. This is how I feel with Jessica from my course. In every sense she is a lovely and kind person. But we just misunderstand each other, the communication is not strong. I guess with some people its very hard to read their facial expressions, vocal tone and language. Anyway, as the case is I'm not going to read anymore into it and cripple myself with self-doubt insecurity. Never mind. But for future reference, leave out the jokes about age, that draw attention to the yourself/selves and leave out the introductions until you have two people in the same square metre preferrable face to face.

12:08 p.m. - 2008-03-16


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