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Comments like this piss me off.

I'm going to use this entry from now on to note comments that annoy me, so that I can deal with them more effectively.

My dad just walked into my room and said 'Jad I don't like your haircut'. Compelling. I responded with a 'Why don't you like it?'. To which he said 'I don't know, ew, I just don't like it'. This really affected me.

Then he followed this pearl of wisdom with 'I'm feeling really down.'. To which I replied with 'Why are you feeling down?'. He said 'I don't know just someone said something which injured my feelings'. I said 'Who said what?', then he said 'I don't know, just someone said something'.

It's remarks like this which make me feel paranoid.

Anyway, regarding my hair I like it enough to keep growing it, one day I might not have hair to grow. I can't please everyone, and I don't care to try to. If I live my life to achieve everyone's approval I will never be happy myself.

10:39 p.m. - 2008-04-17


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