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Date with Christie.

At Glastonbury I met this wonderful lady called Christie. She's a primary school teacher and I was immediately taken with her. Almost from the moment I carried her suitcase back from the tent. It must have been her startling eyes that glimmered beneath the sunlight, a clich´┐Ż I know, but eyes are the windows to the soul. Anyway, I spent much of the four days trying to figure out if she had any interest in me, drove myself mad with convincing myself that she preferred George over me. Finally, at the end of a terrific spell at Glastonbury underneath the boiling sun, I managed to realise that she was interested. Two days after Glastonbury I arranged a date with her, it went really well, in spite of - or should I say because of - the dreadful film 'The Visitor'. I managed to steal a few kisses, although it was all very innocent. But atleast all the signs pointed to the fact she was interested, and so now I find myself on the road to a second date. I'm really worried because I haven't slept with a girl nigh on three years, and even then it wasn't a terrific success. I realise that this is different because this is not an intense two week fling but something a lot more substansial, and if my sexuality is ever to settle or I am to come to terms with it, I must experiment and try everything. The feelings I'm having are overriding what I though I should be feeling. I will return with an update later.

4:19 p.m. - 2008-07-16


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