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The day I was dumped.

Today, I received a text from Christie 'Hi. I thought i'd better tell you before we meet up, i've been thinking, and i think i'd just like us to be friends. I dont really feel ready for anything more at the moment. if you dont want to meet today thats ok, but it would be really nice to see you.' Fine. I responded 'Hey, I'm sad to hear that but I appreciate your frankness. I'm tied down my dissertation so i'm going to flake. When my dissertation finishes in a week we should meet up'. Fine again. She responds again: 'Ok then good luck with your work. Speak to you soon. x.' I guess her responses showed her a very nice person. I saw it coming, she was always impassive and, dare I say it, indifferent. I, the guy who has had sex once in my life was pushing forward and she was afraid. Tomorrow will be a new day. I'm looking at the positive side of things. I landed 5-6 dates with a girl, I've been further with Christie then I had with any girl since Rachael, and one I sincerely liked. When she rejected me, I took it on my chin, and sent a mature text message that showed my feelings and left the door open without being desperate or a walkover. Suppose you have a romantic interest in someone you are dating or have met, and it turns out you're not their cup of tea. Perhaps, its your looks, race, religion, or personality style that are the problem. Or Maybe you are too tall, short, fat, thin, old, young, smart, dull ,agressive, passive, etc. Since you dont fit that person's mental image of an ideal mate closely enough. He or she rebuffs your advances and gives you the cold shoulder.

At the end of the day, rejection is not my fault! One person can like apple pie better than cherry pie. Does this mean that cherry pie is inherently undesirable? Romantic interests are almost infinitely invariable. If you are one of those tooth paste commercial types who is blessed with what our culture defines as "good looks" and an appealing personality, it will be much easier for you to attract potential dates and mates. But you will learn this mutual attraction is a far cry from developing a loving permanent relationship, and even beautiful and handsome types will have to cope with rejection sometimes. Noone can turn on each and every person they meet.

10:13 p.m. - 2008-08-26


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