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Pastures New

I finally handed in my much-maligned dissertation on Monday. I was quite happy with it, 'quite' being the operative word. Since my hand in, I've had itchy feet, doing and seeing the world I'd neglected since the pressures of academia kicked in. It is now Friday. I realise that this is probably the end of my academic career, never say never and all that. But there's so much more to be seen and done, and I don't think I can find what I'm looking for in the confines of a lecture theatre. A number of changes have occured, I guess I've grown older. I certainly feel more readt for the onset of adult life. The format of this diary will ocntinue to evolve as it has done for the last four or five years. To be more readable and representative of who I am at the given moment. If I'm ever to publish works, I have to have a strong internal voice; objective as I can be; frank; intelligent; and entertaining. So this is my first post. I considered moving to another website but this one has a history, and I would like to look back for reference. I'm going to start using names.

My First Post

My friend John leaves for South Africa on Saturday. In the last year he transformed his own life. Gone is the awkward, offensive, well-intentioned, good natured boy of QM. In his place a man more mature, politically correct if wired and annoyingly pedantic and superior at times. He's my friend and I love him all the same. He now has a girlfriend, a masters and a high self-esteem. This is my second friend to leave the country since Jahed left six months ago. It was at first quite daunting but now I relish the opportunities that will come my way. That's life people will come and go and you should enjoy them while you still can. Onto pastures new. I'm siting at my laptop with a flu like symptoms (I had my second rabies vaccine). Thinking that I need a holiday soon, South Africa is a definite option. I will call trail-finders to check out the information. I feel like God's been smiling down on me today, all the items on my list of things to do keep manifesting with minimal to no effort. Harringtons called, Focus Group called, now all I need is the offer of some extra work for next week and I'll be sorted.

11:32 a.m. - 2008-09-19


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