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Writing down things that have distressed me at the End of the Day To Move On.

So, the best way to get closure is to write things down. Let me give this a go. I guess this won't function as a fully blown diary entry, but never mind:-

1. George Mann not responding to my message. My message was so nice, I thought we get along really well. But it appears, I got the wrong end of the stick. Most definitely. Rubbish. I really liked him. What a load of old toss. Sodding kind, endearing bastard. And it appears he is dating an Israeli. What strange luck.

2. Alex McCain Bremner not responding to my message. He asked the bloody question. I wanted him so badly, I guess I invested a lot on the hope he had a secret interest in me.

3. The others: Yasmin, Osh, Dani. God it sucks.

4. Fighting in the car with family getting paranoid and jealous that I had had a rubbish experience. Needing license.

5. Not being able to tought it out in the sauna.

6. Not having my laptop.

7. Missing the friends I'd had it with.

On the Plus side:

1. �50 kerching.

2. More extra work days.

3. Almost finished dvd rental

4. RSA soon.

5. Dole means I can get dental care soon.

6. Hearing from a sami, enjoying the flirting, taking it with a grain of salt.

9:59 p.m. - 2008-09-27


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