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What a crap day, horrendous, despicable, laughable, ridiculous. I got sacked/I quit my extra job on the Prince of Persia. This really sucks on many levels. Sometimes it's easier to apologise and pretend you made a mistake, when the truth is contrary. I didn't really care about the Goddamned special, I was ill, very tired and blew a fuse. In hindsight I should have called in sick instead of venting out at an idiotic AD. But what can be done? In future, I probably will learn to call in sick, it would have saved me the cost of a half-decent SLR camera and also another five hundred pounds. Atleast, in theory, I have covered the cost of my flight to RSA. I've decided today that I really definitely, need a holiday and after that I can start to properly consider where my life is going to go. Also met Sami and Kobi yesterday, my feelings for the former aren't subsiding. I lurk as people are bowled by his chiselled charms. In awe myself, the prototypical amorous best friend relegated to the background as a back-up.

7:15 p.m. - 2008-10-03


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