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Blue Petered.

Today I made a curiousity-enquiry on joel defries. Little did I know the magnitude of what I would uncover. He is the new presenter of blue peter. Yes, the same one I hated and punched in the face at school. The one who gave me a head-ache and I was forever pitted against. Should I feel bitter, angry, confused, self-hating? Against all odds I feel empowered and inspired. It made me realise I can do the exact same thing if I wanted. Like with Yasmin, I realise things can change very easily in the blink of an eye. Life is unpredictable. After my travels and even during that's when the next stage of my life begins. It's not purely about money or power. But they do help to propel the stuff of experience, they allow you to do thing and help people. I want to do good. So now is my time to start working to create my own career. Yeah, it's not the earliest start but its not the latest either. I feel stronger now than ever before. Sometimes things take a little longer to manifest, I'd rather have strong, sturdy foundations than ones that are superficial and collapse, sand castles. Anyway, as life becomes increasingly challenging, you become more equipped to deal with what life throws and bestows you with.

8:55 a.m. - 2008-10-06


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