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Master of Arts.

I passed my masters today, thankfully. Quite a productive day, driving lesson. Then off to Camden for a internship interview with Feel (second interview this week). My CV is nearing completion too. The interview with Feel was good until they asked me what my favourite ads were and I had to grope in the dark for an example. In the end I summoned one from my imagination and the trailer for the cube. On the bus trip to Camden I saw a billboard for an amazing vintage glasses shop, which I will probably get my frame from, save me spending a small fortune at C&G. And then met George and Sukh at a focus group for contact lenses which was - in the end - cancelled. But I will still get paid for that shit. Walked to Notting Hill with George and went to Retro man to look at watches, found a few nice ones, but decided I'm happy with what I got. Started feeling a bit insecure about my comedy, it's annoying when people don't laugh at my jokes, makes me think I'm either telling them wrong or I'm just plainly not funny. Reminds me of Christie who just didn't seem to realise I was cracking a joke. Fuck it, who cares, I can only be me. Anyway, will find out tomorrow if I'm in with Feel. Still waiting for some information from Cunning and Urban Outfitters. Getting closer to RSA, got paid for my job on Corden show. So should tip up my balance a bit. Other than that things are looking much better this week then they have for a while, so I'm pleased.

8:42 p.m. - 2008-10-30


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