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Failing my driving mocking test.

I entered the car this morning quietly confident, everyone had their licence, I'd had more than enough lessons to breeze through or so I though. I assumed he would stop me if there were major errors, but he remained tight-lipped throughout the whole ordeal. I additionally knew that I had messed up the manouvres. But nothing could have prepared me for seven majors, and two minors. What a farce. I know they are probably a bit toughter in mocks, but still that was way too bad. Firstly, I touched the curb while I parrallel parked my car, what a disaster. Secondly, I went out way too much when I reversed around the corner. Thirdly, I turned right too early, when he said turn right at the end of the road. Fourthly, I didn't signal at a slip road. Fifth, I kept taking my hads off the steerign wheel, which might lead to loss of control and kept my hands on the gear stick. Sixth, I got a biting point when I moved off and instead of just using break and so forth to go downhill. Finally, I didn't wait at a junction when we were meant to pass in front of each other.

2:10 p.m. - 2008-11-11


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