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Being laid off at Feel.

How frustrating but understandable. I called 'Feel' today to explain my extended absence. I had the misguided , self-deluding belief they were going to offer me an admin boy job. I'd had to take many days off at a time because I was constantly taking driving lessons, in the lead up to my test. These lessons have drained me in the region of a �1000.00 and bled me white time wise. None of the instructors can offer me weekend lessons or after six lessons, because all the the nine-to-fivers had booked them out well in advance. I called Josh and he apologetically told me that, in effect, they needed someone who could commit to five days a week, and not my ad hoc basis. Admittedly, my expectations of them were too high. I knew I could do very little to get out of the other things I was doing, the dole money, the stupid fittings in the middle of nowhere, the chest infection, everything happened at once.

On a positive note, I now have some idea of what goes on in the ad world and I know I can get some experience with another agency. Fuck it, this was jsut bad luck and bad timing, and after RSA things will be far more manageable, hopefully I'll get the stupid drivign license too.

In other news, I have received another facebook message from Ishmael, not sure whether I should respond.

10:41 a.m. - 2008-11-14


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