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Progress Report 22.02.09

Where to start, in the scheme of things getting bigger, better, faster and better as the years accumulate. It appears I have already began to eclipse last years achievements. This will be a self-congratulatory post but it will also gimme a much-needed kick up the arse.

The Good-

HSBC Commercial-
well paid, embarrassing exposure but its something, at least. If it goes ahead, the money is a god send. I don't intend to blow the money on anything rubbish. This will be my own blood money, but will instigate my rebirth.

This is my first and longest running relationship, it has set my standards high. also, i went on my first trip abroad. it has given me unprecedented confidence, which i will back up with talent.

Job hunt-
This is going okay, I will next week properly go mental. I will get a job.

I'm going to blag a record number of tickets.

The Bad-

Well, very little is going wrong in the grand scheme of things.

On second thoughts there are some bads and here they are. After much thought and consideration, I've made quite a big decision. I've decided to cut my losses and say goodbye to two troublesome friends. They being K. and O.. Tired of the power games, flakiness and generally feeling let down for the umpteenth time by them. It's not going to work, unless I'm able to not give a shit. They were on my original goodbye list, but both managed to smooth talk there way into staying in. But I know I've changed and become someone with a lot of pride, if people think i'm aggressive and arrogant so be it. all i know, if there isn't enough space for all our egos in one room. So I'm bidding goodbye. If I could sell my Berlin ticket I would right now.

10:58 a.m. - 2009-02-22


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