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Things with Ben.

I don't know, I have quite a weird feeling that things are not going well with Ben. Firstly, he's always at work and is always so tired when he gets back that we can't really do anything 9 he is a doctor so his hours are very demanding anyway). I try and accommodate this situation by offering more time, but when I do he'll go drinking after work, and will be slightly tipsy when I meet him, which isn't very much fun cos I'm not a big drinker. I recently saw an explicit text message on his phone which he deleted immediately, I asked him what it was and he said some guy he'd met off a site that kept sending him them, I told him why he tell the guy to stop and he said he never responded. In addition to this, he'll always tell me how attractive he thinks guys he meets are and then backtrack and change his story. I also am convinced he is checking out guys when we are out, he denies it. But I just don't feel convinced. What's making me question my feelings are that generally he's a very honest guy, but lately something is different. Am I blowing things out of proportion or is something wrong?

11:15 p.m. - 2009-04-20


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