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Uncertain times at SCB

Two months have elapsed since I began this internship. I only originally intended for it to be a two week taster, but somehow it went on for a lot longer. Last week, after much consideration I decided to hand in a letter of resignation. I said the pay wasn't enough but in truth I was totally fed up. Fed up of the lack of structure, the rudeness of staff (namely smiley ben, sourface daisy and fucking tammy). I felt trapped, like they had me in handcuffs, and would go home every day and chug at a cigarette. I made a bit of money and reckon by next week I will reach the goal of having earned �2500.00 of my travelling money!

I'm really proud I lasted so long and definitely sad to be saying goodbye to the good quarter of SCB (Gregor, Jenny, Vince, Ish and Jim). But in fairness Jenny handed in her resignation on the same day as me, as did Vince. Ish will leave in two weeks. I have no job lined up but I could do with a few weeks off, after 4 months of slogging labour for Platform then SCB. I've learnt a lot. Namely, not to steal documents from the office server (not worth the guilt or fear of discovery. How to deal with cunts like Ben (grin and bear it, ask them exactly what they want and do it, stay occupied at your desk if you have to as long as appear to be working). I know this is the right decision as I want to hear back from the Kinship Network and Illuminas (both appear unlikely to go through). I made up with Olivier last week, and Kate's 'odd' comments aside, I've learnt better to be a people person.

Been awfully quiet without Mungo (In Beni), looking forward to his return. Would be great to see Sean again too. Today I cheekily printed out tons of CVS in colour and some pictures. It feels good that I only have 5 (technically 4 days remaining). Then finally I'm out of that hell hole.

9:22 p.m. - 2009-07-19


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