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Angry Man Strikes Again...

Dear Diary,

Things have probably hit rock bottom in terms of anger, frustration and desperation to leave Press TV. I have no illusions in terms of the new place being a happier place to work. I love my colleagues: Amina, Sean, Nidal, Rehman, Arash, Kourosh, Leo, Youssef. All the friends I've lost I will miss: Nada, Sarah, Kirti, Gavin and so on. But they will remain my friends. I now have a possible opportunity with Al Jazeera, if I get this I'll move to Doha, and finally leave my house for a well paid job (late 20,000k or nothing), I'll finally work for a well-established respected station. I'll finally be able to gain some new experiences. I don't have to utter then name Press TV in shame, I don't have to be insulted by ignorant, incompetent, phillandering management. Deal with underqualified, overpaid, overworked editing suites. Cover up for stupid administration mistakes. I've learnt so much but I can't do this for much longer. I won't fail with Al Jazeera, I will get it. I will. It's where I should be. My plan is this I can't/won't resign at Press TV but will guarantee a new job, I need to start to wait a few weeks, find out the situation with Al Jazeera, if that doesn't go through I think I should resign anyway. After the other two leave, I think I will keep my head down. It will be an interesting challenge, in a series of diplomatic tests and tribulations, I hope I've improved.

1:07 p.m. - 2010-06-19


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