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Things have been going well in doha. The only things that caused me momentary frustration are Lana and Ben. The latter is understandable. The former this is a mental note, anger is a pointless emotion. The objective truth is Lana is a spoilt person, I know deep down inside this is the reality. She regularly breaks her worrd, makes a huge deal out of small favours. Is always the first in line when something is to be gained but never offers anything. This negative perception will become apparent in my absense as the focus becomes centred on her. I'm not so fussed if she comes out to Qatar, its very hard to continue like this. Not only is she an often unreliable person but its always on her terms, I think there will be a one month freezing out. I need to make my lines clear, this is after multiple confrontations and communications. I don't like be disrespected. And if its not clear now it won't be in future.

12:04 p.m. - 2010-08-15


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