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A positive comes out of every negative.

Dear Diary,

Now Ahmed is gone, I have to let go. From the carnage I need to rise like a Phoenix from the Flames. Build, Build, Build. Never Stop Improving. Higher & Higher. I will below write a list of what I've learned from this experience:-

1. Just because someone is of the same background, why should they favour you over someone else. This is your preference and not everyone else's. Don't have strong expectations what will be , will be.

2. You met someone who in the Middle East, was open and upfront about their sexuality. He was brave and controversial, acerbic-tongue wit. I could never be him, but I could learn from him. What he did right. What he did wrong...What he took for granted...What he didn't.

3. He was beautiful, great face, great body. I could have that if I wanted. I could have it all. It's up to me to put in the work and build a startling body. BUILD MOTHER FUCKER. BE A GEEK PROVE YOU ARE AS INTELLIGENT AS YOU CLAIM.

4. Intelligence is not the same as knowledge, keep building your knowledge. Arabic, Film, Politics, Literature.

5. KEEP ON PUSHING, you miss London, but you will be back within a month.

6:09 a.m. - 2010-11-18


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