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Dissertation nerves.

Feeling apprehensive about my dissertation. My mind keeps flitting back to thoughts of Sami and Christie, on Friday they will be talking casually over a drink . Maybe about me, maybe not. Maybe they won't talk, who's to say really?! I keep thinking about me and Sam's clandestine love affair, how we will declare our undying affection to each other as our nestle into each other. How we'll hold each other tight and keep lunging at each other for a secret kiss. How long we had waited and desired this. The usal ridiculous thoughts. Sam is an outrageous, hilarious, disgustingly confident flirt. And a beautiful one, no less. The most cunning and evil ones. Who need to so little to ensnare you in their web of deceipt. When will I reach some kind of resolution.

Regarding Christie, I keep thinking how she's was far too boring, too normal, neither here-nor-there, wishy-washy. I mean who the fuck wants to play netball with middle aged teachers every monday. With her boring ex-boyfriend, and his band, and acoustic guitar. Plain face. The bottom line is she didn't want to be involved in me romantically. It's not my fault and I certianly dont need to say anything and if asked (which is unlikely) all that needs to be said is that we were different, and weren't compatable. I was sad for a couple of days, but I'm okay now.

10:08 p.m. - 2008-09-10


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