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Drunken bitter post ( Revisited)

I am really hurt that Kate basically gave me her word that she would come and then didn't. It's basically JM pt II. In the sense, that I have evidently got the wrong end of the stick. Anyway, learn to forgive and move on. most the time people give their word and don't stay true and vice versa. From now it's in your interests not to expect anything from this person. Perhaps, realise that your are her ex-boyf's best mate and meeting up with you might be problematic, because she might be concerned something might happen that might jepoardise the chances of reconcilliation with big O. That's really it, I'm sure. Just as you were concerned of the problems that might occur, so was she. Never mind, I know you should never say never, but I think now is the time to let go of this particular person. That is all. The next morning- Oh my what a hot mess. I could summarise my feelings now as Kate is a flake. She has been for (to my attention) 3 years. I can even remember getting pissed off about it last year. Perhaps, its not because she is afraid something would happen. Perhaps, she's just, you know, forgetful and also after a long day at work she just wants to put her feet up and let her hair down. Yeah, you might have very well notified her if you weren't coming, especially after a post on the event wall. But people are different and she didn't.

1:35 a.m. - 2008-05-02


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