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Regarding George.

My friend George is a mixed bag. On the one hand charming, funny and sharp-witted. On the other, forgetful, careless, cheap and selfish. Over the years, he's grown on me a lot. But recently the selfish kind of way he lives has started to annoy me. Whenever he's down he'll ignore calls. He's never ambitious. He wants everything done for him. Doesn't seem to have the same values or framework in life as me. He'll throw wobblies were he'll dissappear off the map for three weeks, and then generally make up some tired story about how he got cut off, lost his charger, didn't have phone battery. My dad said you can't really change someone, only they can change themselves. George is important as a friend to me, as a reminder of my past at Queen Mary. But at the same time, you need to actually see people for friendship's to survive. George doesn't realise the important of spending money/time as an investment. He only ever looks in the short term and is short sighted. I guess the point is I feel like I'm moving on. The friendship needs to move on and evolve too. The constant phonecalls thing isn't going to work. The mental wobblies were its not important to respond.

8:50 p.m. - 2008-07-19


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