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cancellations due to girlfriends.

Its so annoying when people cancel on you because something has come up with girlfriends/boyfriends/lovers/love interests. It really does suck majorly. I do take it so very personally, because it leaves you hanging fire. I guess especially so with sam cos I really, really like him. Shit. It's a usual thing though to be annoyed cos your time is wasted (thankfully though I have a back up plan). Moreover, its frustrating because it reminds you that meeting up is not that important. I need to get over sam, because although he is tactile, flirtatious and arguably there is sexual tension between us. None of this I can verify, for it might all be in my head. No matter what Ban, Arafat, Ellie and countless others say the bottom line remains is he refuses to make it clear.

1:40 p.m. - 2008-08-08


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