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Quiet times

Things have gotten very quiet. I look back at where I was last year and this was around the period I joined up with the Mountaineering society and went to Helene's little gathering. On a positive note, I might have gotten myself a job placement with Mother, which is good. I also feel a bit closer to finding a vocation in life have last night attended the Inner Temple to find out if I could be a barrister. It would take a further three years, I'm scared to be a perpetual student forever. I think its certainly a possibility once I've lived a little, done my travelling and had a taste for the real world. Looks like i will be on the dole atleast until RSA. Want to drum up more of a social life, but thats hard when my only option is olivier and kate drug-taking, spirit tossing, soul destroying mission. What's the point in attending a party when you know you're going to always have a moderately good time, but feel like shit for two days after. Plied with the constant "ahh isn't jad sweet" or Olivier's annoying little asides and bitchy careless attitude to life in general. Things are going to get better, they have to, I know it.

5:26 p.m. - 2008-10-24


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