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The lover and the thief.

What a strange Friday night. After a couple of drinks in Camden, the party returned to Kate's new pad. We drank a lot amongst other activities. Then finally, I ended up in bed with two girls. Just like London buses, you wait for one and two roll up at once. I ended up making out with Emma and heavy petting, no the most decent thing to do, considering Jazz was also in the same bed. Less of the Emma talk. The next morning I got itchy feet and asked Emma to unlock the door so I could get home. Couldn't find my coat anywhere. It seems apparent that someone took it. Maybe while drunk or maybe deliberately. Kate thought possibly someone came in and took it. Unlikely with all the security thing happening. I can remember one of the guys looking for his cardigan thing, as they were the only one who we didnt know so well. They could have taken it. Really fucking annoyed. Even if it was an accident it seems unlikely the culprit will own up. Is it possibly somewhere in the house, unbekown to me. As unlikely as it seems, the only other person I dont really trust is Minnie. Sometimes you just get a feeling about someone. Maybe I'll be proven wrong. But seeing as those girls have been friends with the Reggae Roast boys for years, are they really going to be able to prove or admit they took it. In future, I'm packing away all my valuables in a safe cupboard, not that you should really have to in someone else's house. Not going to get angry about this, cos I did the intelligent thing and took all my valuables out, and I couldn't have known then that those boys would come. I wonder what will happen and where that coat is now.

With regards to Emma, don't really know whats going to happen. Or even if Jazz can remember with any clarity what happened, if anything at all. Maybe I'll just let what will be, be.

4:06 p.m. - 2008-11-16


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