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less friends in the recession.

the recession era has been difficult for me. both in terms of the difficulty in finding a job and also - in terms - of losing friends and alienating people. i know the kobi incident is not my fault, so i will cast that to one aside. but i feel as if it set off a domino-styled set of repercussions. Suddenly, i stopped caring about the here-and-there mates, ben was suddenly in my life. haven't seen sam in over six months. to be honest, i'm glad with the way that ended, at least there is little bad blood. with ban, it seems to be drifting apart too. i'm sad that the palestine era is over, and i hope like with ben's china friends there will be meetings once or twice a year. that remains to be seen, if ban organises something i'll turn up to it. with regards to olivier and kate, i think what is happening is they are becoming a stable couple properly, thats why olivier will rarely meet me one-on-one, also that kate literally invites herself along everywhere. i guess if he genuinely had a problem with it, he would say something. after a week, i will give him a call to smooth things over, and then maybe i will accept that the friendship isn't go to improve much more. but i think it will mark a time of moving on and then. things are pretty bleak right not, but i think they will improve in time: job, travel, money. the friends will come with time. i just need to focus on getting the job right now. :(

5:12 p.m. - 2009-03-31


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