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A New Person for 09

2009 has seen so many changes. Ben entering my life. Kobi leaving it. Ban and Sam moving in their own directions. Olivier and me having problems. Job prospects with Platform. It's all quite a lot to get used to. I'll go through things on by one, just reflecting on whats happened. Things seem to be going well with B, its sad that we only seem to have two months left. I guess we'll make the most of that time, I know I'll miss him a lot. I'll tough it out. With regards to Kobi, I've certainly come to terms with the fact he was/is a complete arse-hole and there is no real way to comprehend why what happened did. I must only accept it and move forward. It is sad that after 6 years it must end with such bad blood. But it's not my fault and there is little I could have done to prevent such an outcome. A.K.A. Kobi only has himself to blame. With Ban and Sam, I guess things have taken their natural course, and I'm happy we enjoyed that part of the journey together. With Olivier, the damage is done and I felt compelled to say what I did, but I'm glad its all out in the open. Now hopefully the repairing process will begin and we can be friends again. Finally with Platform, I'm going to play it day-by-day, this is a great opportunity and perhaps I can bag some new friends in the process. If this doesn't work out there are three possibilities: Law conversion, travel, BBC trainee-ship scheme. Fingers crossed for a happy future.

2:32 p.m. - 2009-04-05


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