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...Mid-Year Ambitions Update

1. After much frustration and sadness, I've accepted I need to find new friends/allies. The Tarek/Makki/Lama alliance was a challenge at best but I've overcome it. And I think the next task is using Twitter to build on my contacts. This city has a million people in it. I know I can find cooler people out there, if I keep pushing to find them. That's for sure. Already increased my followers on Twitter. Now to reach the 200 limit. Keep tweeting about #Doha.

2. Presenting. You've improved a lot. But it's only just started. You've started Ashraf Farah workshhop and You'll also sign up for Al Jazeera courses. And Bob's your uncle, you've achieved it.

3. Building a gay circle in London, you have about 20 people lined up. So keep working on that.

10:15 a.m. - 2011-06-25


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